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Welcome to a new season with Pink Box Flowers! Sign up for this season's flower subscription below. we are also pleased to announce that we are offering classes this year to enhance your home. Please click The button above for more information!

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Since I was little I have loved flowers, Wandering the garden with my dad while he planted. I laugh about it now when I think about how stressful that must have been for him! He told me in a gentle voice "don't step on the plants". such a little helper I was! That being said, he taught me how to nurture and care for the garden. There is no place I love more than my garden, it is my place of peace and focus. With Pink box flowers, I am beyond excited to be in the garden and creating beautiful pieces of living art for people to share.

Locally grown (by me) from June until september, I pick the most beautiful options to create artistic arrangements for you to share (or not). Because we are earth friendly, each arrangement comes in a recycled, repainted can! Bring it back when you want it refilled, or just toss it in the recycle bin!



WE are also offering arrangements for events. 

if you have an event like a baby shower, wedding shower, small wedding, grooms dinner or just a dinner party, let us create beautiful arrangements to add the perfect touch of natural beauty to your event. for example, a dinner party set could be 6 small bouquets, or a grooms dinner could be 6 medium bouquets plus one large bouquet.  Free pickup is available, or  Delivery within the twin cities metro area is $10, and if you want that extra zhooz, let us help you set up for $50 per hour. please note: the bouquets will be made from the flowers that are in bloom at the time, so the images aren't exactly what you will receive.

Coursages and Boutonnieres
just in time for Prom season, we are offering Coursages and Boutonnieres fresh from our gardens


This year we are offering Design classes in pink box studio at 5453 Dupont avenue south in Minneapolis! The classes will be based on the senses and you will learn how to make some unique  items, designed by you! Sign up with your friends for an evening of fun, creativity and of course some wine and non-alcoholic beverages! The class costs $95(plus tax on the materials/supplies) and we will provide you with everything you need to create your design, along with some beverages (feel free to bring extra if you want!) 
Click the button in the header for more information 

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